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User Guides

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
CTNet I/O User Guide 4 pdf 2.05 MB EN
CTNet User Guide 9 pdf 2.05 MB EN
Quantum MP (sizes 1 and 2) Users Guide A4 pdf 21 MB EN

Issue Guides

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
Engineering Guide to Electromagnetic Compatibility for VFDs 6 pdf 2.93 MB EN
Engineering Guide to Harmonics Engineering 6 pdf 2.66 MB EN


Title Issue File
Size Lang  
CTScope v02.06.02 zip 29 MB EN
CTVUE Configurator 3 Software Build 702-3 Compatible with all color touch screens 702-3 zip 104 MB EN

2D Drawings

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
QMP Size 1A 1.0 dwg 1.40 MB EN
QMPsize2_Install 1.0 dwg 1022 KB EN

Application Notes

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
AN0131 - Remote Modem Communication with Drives 1.3 pdf 407 KB EN
AN0144 - Application of Line Reactors and Isolation Transformers for AC and DC Drives 1.5 pdf 156 KB EN
AN0154 - Driving External Relays 1.6 pdf 112 KB EN
AN0242 - Driving Analog Meters 1.1 pdf 203 KB EN
AN0275 - Extra Digital inputs and outputs 1.1 pdf 129 KB EN
AN0283 - Using the Beckhoff CTNet IO 1.3 pdf 270 KB EN
AN0290 - 4-20mA Current Loop Extensions 1.3 pdf 165 KB EN
AN0297 - SM-Ethernet save restore and re-init 1.2 pdf 320 KB EN
AN0306 - SM-DeviceNet save restore and re-init 1.4 pdf 311 KB EN
AN0313 - SM-Keypad Plus as a Startup Tool 1.2 pdf 419 KB EN
AN0316 - Drive Parameter Menu Structure 1.2 pdf 109 KB EN
AN0331 - Creating a UniPolar Analog Speed Output 1.3 pdf 259 KB EN
AN0332 1.1 pdf 175 KB EN
AN0336 - Using the Drives +24vdc Supply for External Devices 1.4 pdf 156 KB EN
AN0345 - Stabalizing Erratic Signals 1.1 pdf 199 KB EN
AN0349 - Inverting the Sense of Speed Command Signals 1.1 pdf 131 KB EN
AN0352 - Backing Up Using the Smart Card 1.3 pdf 306 KB EN
AN0353 - Backing Up Critical Drive Setup Information using CTSoft 1.2 pdf 691 KB EN
AN0354 - Eliminating Speed Creep - Low End Analog Drift 1.1 pdf 246 KB EN
AN0361 - Field Weakening, Feedback Loss and Speed Estimator in Mentor MP 1.2 pdf 110 KB EN
AN0362 - Using the Quantum MP with 24vdc PLC Control 1.1 pdf 200 KB EN
AN0364 - Quantum MP with Motorized Potentiometer (MOP) 1.1 pdf 148 KB EN
AN0365 - Masking Faults and Stopping on Trip Conditions in Mentor MP and Quantum MP 1.1 pdf 220 KB EN
AN0366 - Mentor and Quantum MP Security Code 1.1 pdf 77 KB EN
AN0369 - Quantum MP Default Files 1.2 pdf 446 KB EN
AN0375 - Quantum 3 to Quantum MP Conversion Guide 1.2 pdf 689 KB EN
AN0376 - Configuring the Quantum MP for Ramp Stop and DB Stop 1.1 pdf 102 KB EN
AN305 - Creating Motor Over Temperature Trip 1.3 pdf 306 KB EN
TG0352 Field I2T Overload Trip for Mentor MP and Quantum MP 1 pdf 81 KB EN
UN0007 Quantum III to Quantum MP Conversion Guide 2 pdf 960 KB EN

Cable Drawings

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
ENCO A3 1 dwg 170 KB EN

Troubleshooting Guides

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
CTTG136 - Input Power Problems 1 pdf 34 KB EN
CTTG139 - Input Power Problems 1.6 pdf 115 KB EN

Certificate of Compliance

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
cUL certificate - SM Options 2017.10.9 pdf 502 KB EN
UL Certificate - SM Options 2003.5.15 pdf 183 KB EN