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Title Issue File
Size Lang  
ASCII Slave MotionPerfect Program 1 zip 24 KB EN
Comms Cable Driver 1.1 zip 2.61 MB EN
Connect Drive Commissioning Software V02.15.0 zip 131 MB EN
CT Energy Savings Estimator V1P0P4P0 exe 13 MB EN
CTA Basic Motion Templates for MCS and AMC 1.01.08 zip 5 MB EN
CTScope V2.6.0 zip 29 MB EN
CTSoft V01.17.00 zip 67 MB EN
CTVue Configurator 2 Software Build 551 (Compatible with Monochrome panels and includes Unidrive M drivers) 551 zip 31 MB EN
CTVUE Configurator 3 Software Build 702-3 Compatible with all color touch screens 702-3 zip 104 MB EN
Harmonics Estimator V1P0P0P0 exe 23 MB EN
Machine Control Studio PLC Programming V01.09.04 zip 1234 MB EN
MotionPerfect 2 V2.4.2.13 exe 25 MB EN
PowerTools Pro v6.0 V6.0 zip 19 MB EN
SyPTLite V1.5.1 zip 11 MB EN
SyPTPro Upgrade v02.08.02 zip 86 MB EN


Title Issue File
Size Lang  
SI-Profinet-RT GSDML file (Siemens STEP7 V5.5 SP1 and TIA Portal V11) V2.2 zip 57 KB EN
SI-Profinet-V2 GSDML file M600-M702 V02.01.03 zip 99 KB EN
SI-PROFINET-V2 GSDML file Unidrive M200-M400 V02.01.03 zip 92 KB EN

EDS Files

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
Unidrive M, HS, and Powerdrive F300 EDS files V01.03 zip 151 KB EN

Application Notes

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
AN0016-Preferred method to email a Connect project 3 pdf 122 KB EN
AN0021 M Connect Removing a Module 5 pdf 149 KB EN
PTAN 5 Suspend Resume Cam Tables 1.0 pdf 166 KB EN

Software Archive

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
Connect Software bundle (includes: Unidrive M Connect, HVAC Drive Connect, Powerdrive F300 Connect and Elevator Connect) v02.10.1 zip 110 MB EN
Machine Control Studio 1.6.3 zip 1020 MB EN
Machine Control Studio PLC Programming V1.8.0 zip 1226 MB EN