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Option Module User Guides

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
SM-EZMotion User Guide 9 pdf 8 MB EN


Title Issue File
Size Lang  
SM-EZMotion and Digitax-Z Firmware Rev. B5 B5 fsh 831 KB EN

Application Notes

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
PTAN 1 Real Time and Cyclical Programs 1.0 pdf 899 KB EN
PTAN 10 Circular Interpolation with VM and Cams 1 pdf 152 KB EN
PTAN 11 Constant Path Speed using Cams 1 pdf 106 KB EN
PTAN 12 State machine programming 1 pdf 85 KB EN
PTAN 13 Rotary Knife Using Cams 1 pdf 409 KB EN
PTAN 14 PowerTools Pro Latency Settings 1.0 pdf 86 KB EN
PTAN 2 Virtual Master 1.0 pdf 511 KB EN
PTAN 4 Chaining Cam Tables 1.0 pdf 191 KB EN
PTAN 5 Suspend Resume Cam Tables 1.0 pdf 166 KB EN
PTAN 6 Dynamic use of Cam Tables 1.0 pdf 167 KB EN
PTAN 7 Cams with Non Zero Start Velocity 1.0 pdf 94 KB EN
PTAN 9 CAD Import 1 pdf 145 KB EN
PTAN_8_Alternate_Master 1 pdf 132 KB EN

Troubleshooting Guides

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
CTTG136 - Input Power Problems 1 pdf 34 KB EN
CTTG139 - Input Power Problems 1.6 pdf 115 KB EN

Certificate of Compliance

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
UL Certificate - SM Options 2003.5.15 pdf 183 KB EN

Firmware Archive

Title Issue File
Size Lang  
EZMotion_A01A - SM-EZMotion Module Firmware Flash A01 file A01 zip 168 KB EN
EZMotion_A02 - SM-EZMotion Module Firmware Flash A02 file A02 zip 168 KB EN
EZMotion_A03 - SM-EZMotion Module Firmware Flash A03 file A03 zip 188 KB EN
EZMotion_A04 - SM-EZMotion Module Firmware Flash A04 file A04 zip 187 KB EN
EZMotion_A05 - SM-EZMotion Module Firmware Flash A05 file A05 zip 198 KB EN
EZMotion_B2 B2 fsh 739 KB EN
EZMotion_B2 - SM-EZMotion Module Firmware Flash B2 file B2 zip 255 KB EN
EZMotion_B3 B3 fsh 910 KB EN
EZMotion_B3 - SM-EZMotion Flash file B3 B3 zip 310 KB EN
EZMotion_B4 - SM-EZMotion Flash file B4 B4 zip 310 KB EN
SM-EZMotion and Digitax-Z Firmware Rev. B4 B4 zip 310 KB EN